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Cannabis grown for Missourians, by Missourians

Unleash your taste buds with our globally sourced genetics. Grown from seeds, our all natural, clean, and sustainable approach delivers dank, terpene-rich strains that redefine the cannabis experience.

Robust is proud to be grown 100% Naturally

We don’t mess with pesticides or artificial terpenes — we keep everything natural, and you can taste it in our dank terp profiles.

We do everything we can to make sure our premium cannabis doesn’t come at a cost to the planet. We use sustainable farming practices and package our premium buds in 100% recyclable packaging.

Robust is co-owned & operated by Tyler Hannegan & Brad Rhodes.
Born & Raised from the Lou 

Tyler & Brad were born & raised on the outskirts of St.Louis. The dynamic duo met in college and sprouted a friendship that has bloomed into something they never could have imagined. They have single handedly created an accepting community geared toward breaking the stigma around the association of marjuana. The communities behind these men are full of strong bonded team members, loving family & supportive consumers. 


Similarly to our Owners; our company itself are young. Tyler & Brad took action in 2018 and set out on the mission to cultivate the world's most renowned & Robust marjuana products this state has ever seen. 

Through long nights, countless setbacks & an ungodly amount of optimism; Robust was cultivated & has been striving to be the best Terp Chasing company since 2019.

Where were they before Robust?

Before creating the plans for our full pressurized greenhouse takeover; Brad worked for Washington University conducting cancer studies and research in evolutionary biology. 

Tyler started out his career as an Healthcare Executive at - Mercy.  As the Director of Operations, Tyler served for 8 years where his time was spent managing mergers & acquisitions all the while working with his team over the Adult Specialty practices.  Tyler’s cunning business skills, love for people & first hand medical  knowledge drove him to take a leap of faith in the cannabis world with his business partner Brad.

Together they capture the raw reality of what it means to be designated as a true Missouri Cannabis Operator/Owner duo.


Our Leadership Team

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