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How We Grow Clean Cannabis

We’re serious about growing clean cannabis. As silly as it sounds, we grow weed that we actually want to smoke.

We don’t cut any corners when it comes to growing medicine for our people.

By using organic and sustainable growing methods, we protect not only patients and our planet — but also the health of our team members who care for our plants day in and day out.

Robust Cannabis is Clean Green Certified®

The feds own the word “organic” — so the cannabis industry came up with their own certification for organically grown cannabis. Created in 2004 and based on the USDA National Organic program, products that are Clean Green Certified® have been grown using clean, sustainable methods. Clean Green Certified® is the longest running, largest, and most award winning cannabis certification program in the world, recognized globally. Learn more here

How we Grow the Most Clean and Natural Cannabis in Missouri

Our plants are grown from seed

Every single one of our mother plants was grown from seed and then cloned to maintain her unique genetic expression when populating our grow rooms. We utilize traditional breeding between male and female parents, and we use Aloe Vera and honey to aid in clone rooting during propagation.

And live happily in our greenhouse

Our team has been growing for a combined 20+ years, so we used their experience and expertise to build a completely custom, 75,000 sq. ft positive pressure greenhouse that maximizes efficiency while preventing potential cross contamination.

We optimize utility usage through a Wadsworth Seed integration system that features an active weather station located on our roof. Since the weather changes every 15 minutes in Missouri, we set up a system of LED lights that are engaged to supplement the sun based on Daily Light Integral. These high efficiency LED fixtures are passively cooled with state-of-the-art heat sinks for a longer lifespan. Windsocks carry merv-13 filtered air down the length of our grow tables, providing maximum air flow with less energy use. Finally, our greenhouse design features closed loop tempered water heating to reduce the risk of contaminants entering our systems.

Our plants thrive in living soil

Our plant “waste” is shredded and composted back into our microbiome-rich soil with minimal tillage. We even use on-site worm farms for vermicomposting!

And are veg babies are lovingly hand-watered

We believe in nurturing a relationship between our farmers and plants, so we chose hand watering for our method of irrigation for our veg babies. We have recently switched to our new state-of-the-art drip irrigation system!

While being protected from pests

Hand-watering our plants lets us keep an eye on every single pot. In our experience, healthy soil and healthy plants do not require much integrated pest management — but we keep natural remedies on hand just in case. These include botanical sprays made using natural farming recipes from JADAM, Suffoil X, and beneficial predators.

We hand-trim our cannabis

After harvesting, drying, and curing our cannabis plants, our premium buds are trimmed and manicured with love by our highly-trained team — so you get only the best and most beautiful nugs.

And use 100% recyclable packaging

Our packaging may look like mylar — but it’s not! When it came time to package our premium cannabis, we sought packaging that was just as sustainable as our growing methods…even if it cost a little extra. We take great pride in being the first cannabis company in Missouri to have 100% recyclable packaging!


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