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Our all natural, sun-grown cannabis is completely free from harmful chemicals and pesticides

Robust Classic

At Robust, we scour the world for the gnarliest genetic profiles and cultivate them with natural and sustainable methods in our greenhouse. The result? Clean, potent, premium cannabis that’s bursting with flavors and effects that are simply unmatched.


Robust Reserve

Robust Reserve isn't your average cannabis—it's like the finest of wines or the rarest of whiskies. Each bud is hand-selected and curated for its top-notch quality. It's not just about getting high; it's about savoring the nuances and craftsmanship behind every puff.


Rolled with whole nugs, our 1/2g Pre-Rolls are the perfect size for a little snack at any time of day

Find them in 2-pack tubes or 5-pack tins! Robust Reserve Infused Pre-Rolls coming soon — join our email list to be first to know when they drop!

Live Hash Rosin

Terp Chasers, look no further: Introducing the cleanest and most potent concentrates in Missouri 

1g Buckets

Ready to experience the most terptastic liquid gold you've ever dabbed? Using the fresh frozen technique, we preserve the full spectrum of compounds found in our squeaky clean cannabis plants to produce high quality and pungent solventless extracts for an unforgettable live hash rosin experience.  


Vape Pens

Solventless hash rosin disposable pens bring together the best of both worlds: the purity of Robust's all-natural cannabis and the convenience of discreet, on-the-go consumption. Our pens allow you to savor the full spectrum of terpenes, enhancing the overall cannabis experience and appealing to those with a discerning palate.



Love our flower? Our new, sugar-free ingestible products allow you to experience Robust in a whole new way!


Robust's cannabis hash rosin capsules provide a way to ingest cannabis without the added sugars found in a gummy or chocolate. Available in 10-packs of 2.5mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 50mg potencies. 


FECO/RSO Syringes

FECO (also known as RSO) is a sugar-free, high-potency cannabis extract that is ingested instead of inhaled. It can be held in the mouth for fast absorption or swallowed for longer-term effects. 

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Born and raised in the Show Me State, we’re proud to bring our friends and family all natural, clean, and sustainably grown cannabis.

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