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The Feels, S2 Ep.10 Interview with Tyler Hannegan

Tune into this episode of The Feels with Tyler Hannegan, the Co-Owner of Robust Cannabis and Feel State Florissant Dispensary. Get a peek behind the curtain of what it’s really like to own a vertically integrated operation and how this team is doing things in the Missouri Cannabis industry differently. Recorded live on 6/13/22 in Florissant, Missouri.

0:00 Chit Chatting 2:40 Welcome & News 4:55 What’d you do before Robust? 6:14 What made you transition to cannabis? 7:44 What Missouri means to us 9:25 How do you juggle a vertically integrated facility? 11:21 Tell us about your organic grow facility, Robust 14:59 Why use organic living soil? 17:32 How many harvests have you had so far? 19:14 What products can we expect from Robust? 21:38: Why the name Chanel 5 for your first flower? 23:27 How do you protect the plants from outside environment? 26:43 Are you going to use glass tips for your pre-rolls?


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