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Organically and Sustainably Grown Cannabis

For the every day cannoisseur



  • Our immaculate plants whisper happy thoughts to our Cultivators as the sun dances across their leaves

  • We use positive affirmations and good vibes        to keep our meticulous plants happy. 


  • We have dedicated our mission to curating the most unique and beneficial genetic profiles in the world. Allowing them to blissfully live in our state-of -the-art, positive pressure greenhouse!

  • We include a regimen of organic feeds into our water to help promote good health.

  • We are Reduce, Reuse, Recyclable all the way around! All of our soil is composted and repurposed into new pots or our surrounding environment!

  • To show our love not only to our consumers but our earth as well, our bags our 100% recyclable. They are made from recycled #4 plastic 


  • We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being. 


World-Class Genetics

Our team of expert growers specifically hand select genetics because of their therapeutic properties, distinctive flavors, and ROBUST terpene profile

No Harmful Pesticides

No Artificial Terpenes

No Chemical Additives


Our Cannabis

‘ro•bust’ = strong & healthy; rich in flavor & smell

Terpenes don’t just make your cannabis smell and taste great — they help make you feel great, too.

Our team scoured genetics from all over the world to bring some of the most unique and therapeutically beneficial terpene profiles back home to Missouri.


California Raisins

Bursting with Vanilla Diesel and invigorating aromas of Sweet Fruit, California Raisins has been a favorite from our first harvest. Known for providing cerebral stimulation that leaves patients buzzy from head to toe.


Looking for a specific chemovar?

You’ve done some research, and you’re looking for a combination of linalool, THCA, and CBD to help manage epilepsy. But you rarely find this information on Missouri cannabis packaging… and when you do, the price tag can make it feel out of reach for use as a daily medicine. 

Find your perfect cultivar — fast!

Our chart makes it easy to quickly compare dominant terpenes and cannabinoids in our cultivars so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also access all of our third-party lab reports for a full list of terpenes.


When life gives you Plants; Make Medicine 

Our premium buds are packaged with love in every bag







We believe in caring for patients and our planet.


Robust Missouri is proud to be Clean Green Certified® and the first Certified Kind™ cannabis company in Missouri

So you can rest assured your cannabis is free of harmful pesticides and contaminants

We’re also the first cannabis company in Missouri to offer 100% recyclable packaging, so you can toss it in your blue bin guilt-free.

What Patients are Saying

"From a motivational push to get going in the morning, a pick me up mid-afternoon to get a creativ eboost, or a relaxing calm at night after a  long day. Finnish Frost is truly a great smoke no matter what time of day it is." - Kevin 

Find Robust Cannabis

Now available across the state of Missouri!

We’re proud to be born and raised in Missouri, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to serve our community with all natural, clean, and sustainably grown cannabis.

Interested in bringing Robust cannabis to your town? Contact us!
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