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What does it mean for cannabis to be Clean Green Certified?

Robust is proud to be the first Clean Green Certified® cannabis company in Missouri since 2021.

The feds own the word “organic” — so the cannabis industry came up with their own certification for organically grown cannabis.

Created in 2004 and based on the USDA National Organic program, products that are Clean Green Certified® have been grown using clean, sustainable methods.

The Clean Green Certification recognizes companies that demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation by acknowledging commitment to improving water and energy efficiency and adoption of best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.

What does it mean for Robust to be Clean Green Certified?

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that our products are the cleanest and at the highest quality they can be before you ingest them. Being clean green certified allows us to hold ourselves to a higher expectation for the quality of medicine we produce.

Thorough inspections are conducted to ensure that we have taken proper precautions to protect our cannabis from contamination at all costs. This certification verifies we are using clean, sustainable methods in all aspects of our facility and overall care of our plants!

Why Clean Green Certified?

Being Clean Green Certified® ensures that:

  1. We use the best practices and control methods which are maintained under organically based regulations.

  2. That our cultivators and processors are legally compliant at the state level

  3. We are recognized as having the highest level of quality in the world.

Clean Green Certified® is the longest running, largest, and most award winning cannabis certification program in the world, recognized globally. Learn more here

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